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As promised, your new KG!

Hi Knotties!


So, remember when I promised you a full-time person who will be your advocate and their only focus would be on the boards and TK members?


Well – she is here! Introducing @KnotPorscha!


Knot Irene and I will be sticking around – but she is going to be handling the day-to-day community needs. So, while she gets comfortable and acclimated, please page “KGs” (Knot gods, obvi) on threads and one of us will respond.


Give her a warm (and drama-free) welcome!!



Re: As promised, your new KG!

  • Oh Knot Gods, why does my signature show up in some threads but not others? Are you going to sort this out??

    And why are the boards still all white? Eyes are BUUUURNING :(

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