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nonmilitary groomsmen.. but really the AF attire clashes

so my color is deep purple with light pastel pink flowers. There's going to be a lot of burlap too. My fiance is going to be wearing his navy blue military dress that has a light blue shirt underneath with a dark blue tie.... and he just picked two nonmilitary groomsmen. I have no idea how to dress these guys. Originally we wanted grey suits before he choose his dress blues but it will be a hot summer night. I'm wondering if just a shirt will do. Blue suits??? goodness. curve ball and 6 weeks to go

Re: nonmilitary groomsmen.. but really the AF attire clashes

  • They should have on suits if he has on dress blues. The groomsmen would be fine in navy or gray suits. They can wear purple ties and have purple or pink boutonnières. Same for the dads, if they want to coordinate. The guys will take off their jackets if they're too warm at the reception.
  • I think it will look nice to have your FI stand out, personally. Just pick suits that go with the colors/look nice/etc. on their own (and are in budget) and don't stress about the mess dress. FWIW, my FI is AF, and only 1 of his 5 GM is as well. All five are wearing tan suits, and FI is the only one wearing his uniform.
  • Just have them in something that matches the formality of his uniform.  It will look fine.  
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  • Navy suits are always a good choice.
  • It sucks that they will probably be sweating their butts off but they should be in suits with ties if your groom is wearing his dress blues.  Whatever color you like will be fine.  Just make sure they all match in formality as TX said.
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  • I didn't have the issue with the purple, my bridesmaids are wearing black. But my fiance is wearing his blues as well and his groomsmen are wearing black tuxes. This really bothered me at first cause I wanted them to match, but as another poster mentioned above... he is the groom! He SHOULD stand out! There are other ways to tie the colors all together!
  • my husband wore his AF mess dress and none of his groomsmen were military.  we didn't think black suits went well my colors (lots of pastels, including pastel pink, for a summer daytime wedding). his groomsmen wore grey suits with navy blue ties, and i think they looked great!!  here is a link to a picture FYI.  no matter what your wedding party will look great.  :)

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