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Wednesday accountability

I just have to say how happy I am with my progress. Not in weight necessarily (though that is moving deliberately in the right direction), but in my attitude towards working out and eating better. I'm determined not to 'diet'... but I find I feel a lot less guilty on days I go over my arbitrary calories because I feel confident that I'm treating my body well. Thank all you ladies for making this journey a little less lonely than it would have been.

B: granola bar and banana (180c)
S: peanuts (160c)
L: lebanon balogna sandwich (300c)
S: more peanuts? (80c)
D: grilled chicken fajita sandwich and grilled veggies (437c)

E: 2.5 mi run (+252 c)

T: 1,157c ... leaves me ~450 calories for a side of chips with lunch
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Re: Wednesday accountability

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    I'll have to throw in a thank you to yall for inspiring me! I had a mini freakout about 3 weeks ago because my weight had seemed to balloon. I've lost (healthily!) 5 pounds since then and am much happier in my 'new' lifestyle, especially now that I can run EVERYWHERE. Srsly. Thanks.

    B: An entire bag of popcorn ;-; (126)
    L: 2 cups homemade fried rice (320)
    D: Chicken fajita meat, no tortillas (642 ouch)
    S: One sugar cookie (220 ouch again)
    Total: 1308

    E: 30 minutes of running (+340)
    Total: 340

    Leaves me 232. I might just leave it that way today.
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    B: 1 egg + 2/3 cup egg whites, some leftover mixed veggies, 2 turkey sausage patties, ww english muffin, butter, coffee (433)
    S: Cheese stick (50)
    L: Turkey and swiss on sandwich thin w/baby spinach and mayo, carrots, apple (384)
    S: Cottage cheese and strawberries (190)
    D: Chicken fajitas and black beans served with 1/2 avocado and plain yogurt (553)
    S: Plain greek yogurt flavored with stevia and cocoa powder and probably some strawberries (150)

    E: Kenpo X (HRM: 557)

    eat: ~1750
    net: ~1175
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    B:  blueberry yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, 7-grain granola
    S:  peanut bar
    L:  CL shrimp arrabbiata with roasted broccoli
    S:  choice of banana, watermelon, peach
    D:  AE Mexican Veggie Lasagna

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