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3 days....

Wow. It is here... Here I sit pulling stuff from this closet this cupboard here there and everywhere lol. I have stuff stored at my grandmothers 25 minutes away I still have to get here. Luckily she said she will bring it Friday but I need some of it before so I will be making Dan leave the truck home so I can get it. I was in panic this morning saying "where did I put this? Or that?" but now I sit here after an hour saying oh that wasn't bad since it was mostly in boxes anyways. All the venders and I have spoke or Dan spoke with them. Now my biggest worry is how do I get the purple permanent marker off my little boys face... haha. oh well. He is a fish I am sure I can get it off with a couple extra baths a day

Re: 3 days....

  • Haha I'm feeling the exact same way. Except here I am not getting any sleep ... The big day is almost here and I feel like there are still soo many little things to do. This is crazy, but luckily we have a plan and we are getting it done together. 
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    Luckily it isn't bothering my sleep but I woke up this morning sick to my stomach.  feel mellow but (TMI ALERT) I am sick to my stomach and I have had diarrhea for three days.
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