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Dear Imagination,
I am about to take a shower, alone in my apartment.  PLEASE please do not freak me out.  I want  nice peaceful shower, where I can relax, not a shower where I am fearing for my life and spending my whole time figuring out how to kill someone with my razor.  
No love to my over active imagination. 

Dear H,
I can't wait for summer to be here and for us to get to spend more time together.  This year has been brutal but we made it out and only two weeks until our 1 year anniversary!  I can't wait to spend time in the mountains with you!  Here is to summer!
Your Wife

Dear school,
Please be over now.  I want nothing else to do with you and I am eaten up by jealously when I hear how early my friends are getting out.
No love,

Dear Grad School,
I have no idea where I should apply and what I should apply for.  I'm freaking out! How do I decide? I'm so nervous I am going to make the wrong choice.  Someone help me!

Now it's your turn!
"Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained"-C.S. Lewis

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  • Dear school,
    Please be over. Like now. Also, if you could find a bunch of credits for me so I can graduate, that would be great. All of my friends are seniors and I really don't want to do another year without them. Also I want to get married, but no, you're in the way of that too.

    Dear grad schools and job,
    Pllleeeeeeeasssssse want me!
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  • Dear Time,

    Can you speed up so my wedding and graduation isn't so far way??

    Student Bride :)
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  • kerbohlkerbohl member
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    Dear Thesis,
    I love how fascinating you have been, but editing is not so exciting.  Please edit yourself so I can focus on other stuff?
    Masters Student

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