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Excursions: Book through resort or online in advance?

Does anyone have any recommendations?  I prefer booking through the resort, however it seems to be cheaper online in advance.

Thoughts, advice, experiences...


Re: Excursions: Book through resort or online in advance?

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    If you pre book most activities, then you are stuck doing the at the exact date and time that you booked them for. If you wait, you can do some things more at your own leisure. I typically only prebook if I am certain the particular thing will sell out.


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    You've basically got the gist of it.  It's convenient to book through the resort, but it's usually cheaper to book online directly with the tour company.

    When H and I travel, we usually book 2-3 excursions that we know we want to go on and do not want to chance them being fully booked (most tours have limited seats each day, so you risk a full tour if you wait to book through the hotel).  Also, several that we've booked in the past have an early booking discount, one was up to 20% off, so if you know you want to do it, then don't hesitate to book in advance.  

    However, we also like to leave several days open to just wing it while we're on vacation.  That way, we can choose to just hang out and relax, or we can get recommendations from the hotel on activities and book through there. 

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    i generally wait to get there to see how the weather will be when i want to do things.


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    If you want to save some money, and you are sure you want to do a specific excursion, do it.  Don´t wait until is too late.  

    If you are not so sure what you want to do, then wait until you arrive and decide.

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    If you book through the resort they get a cut which increases the price.  Some people feel safer doing it this was but if the vendor checks out through sites like Fodors & TripAdvisor, we're happier saving money. 
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    I'd wait to see how you feel once you're at the resort due to the weather and just what you feel like doing that day.
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