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My FI and I recently booked our honeymoon to Aruba.  We are very excited!  We are staying at the Marriott Stellaris.  Does anyone have any "must have" to-do's or places to eat in Aruba?  Thanks!!
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Re: Aruba

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    I was just in Aruba, it was awesome!  I don't have great honeymoon recommendations (we were there for my bachelorette party, so were looking for different activities), but we loved it there!  People were so nice, weather was great, it was a really nice place to visit.  One thing you might want to do is go to the California lighthouse.  There is a resturant there that would be an awesome place to get a drink and watch the sunset
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    We just came back from Aruba for our 5th anniversary! We stayed in the low rise section on Eagle Beach. Nice quiet and relaxing! We did the Romantic Dinner for two on the beach at Bucuti. We were able to just walk to and from the hotel along the beach. It's a five course meal in a private cabana on the beach. There's only 4 settings at a time but do the 6pm seating so you can watch the beautiful sunset while you eat. It's a fixed price that includes tip and a bottle of wine or champagne. We tipped extra because the service was so great. The waiter will take pictures of you too. It's a very reasonable price. They even let us get an extra dessert at no charge (you're only up posed to get one) but I didn't eat what they offered so I got a piece of cheesecake. My husband said the chocolate cake was the best he's ever had.
  • Awesome.  Thanks!  

    A friend actually recommended Bucuti also.  I will de have to check it out.  

    We will also check out the lighthouse.  Thanks!!
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  • Restaurants you MUST go to: Madam janettes (amazing stuffed pork chops) and Barefoot on the beach (best dessert sampler I've ever had in my life, seriously I still talk about it, and the mahi mahi was delicious)

    Other GREAT restaurant recs: Windows on Aruba, passions on the beach, wacky wahoos

    We did a sunset cruise when we went on vacation in 2011 and it was lovely. I heard the Jeep tour was fun but I didn't bring sneakers so we couldn't do that.

    Feel free to PM me if you want to know anything else. We stayed for 10 days!
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  • rf1583rf1583 member
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    I also second Windows on Aruba and Passions on the Beach!
  • Awesome! Thank you! I am going to look those places up! I can't wait to go....
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  • omg, go on the http://www.kukookunuku.com .....  it was blast !!!! It was a fun party bus.  We had an awesome time.
  • We went there on our honeymoon too!! The party bus was AWESOME but the bars were just eh. I would definitely rent a jeep and drive around the whole island and we even drove to the natural pool which was tough haha! Also look at Ike's bistro thats in Manchebo its amazing!
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