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NYU's Kimmel Center

Anyone ever have or been to a wedding at the Kimmel center?

My Fiancee is an alumni (yay discount) and apparently a lot of famous people got married there. 
Since I didn't go to NYU I've never seen it... We are waiting to hear back in order to get an appointment to look around.

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Re: NYU's Kimmel Center

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    Do you mean the Kimmel Center for University Life? If so, I've been there for an event and it is beautiful. Absolutely stunning views. If you mean the Kimmel Performing Arts Center - I got nothing, never been there.
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    Missy2498Missy2498 member
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     University life.   -- We just went there today. It was BEAUTIFUL! The view was amazing!

    The only downfall is that it can only be when there's no school.  So May - August. -- I didn't really want to do it in the summer. 

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    Can I ask you about cost? It's an amazing location! If I were you, I would scoop it up for May. That's still early , not too hot and people haven't started going away for summer vacations yet.
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    Its about $5,000 to rent the space. But that doesn't include food,  linens, , flowers, photography, DJ etc...

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