glass coasters from www.JCooperCollection.com / www.LaBelleCollection.com

11 WEEKS BEFORE MY WEDDING I tried to order glass coasters personalized with mine & my fiance's name, the wedding date, and a heart design. I had trouble even working their website from the very begining. They don't make it easy to customize your order.

For some reason they couldn't process my card. They said my address didn't match the card. More hassle.

It took A WEEK for them to even confirm exactly what I wanted on the coasters and approve my credit card. Of course the address was correct. I don't know what their issue was. At that point I was ready to cancle my order with this disorganized corporation but they urged me not to, and I did like the coasters. 

8 WEEKS BEFORE MY WEDDING - I get the coasters and some of them [like 55 out of 135] are chipped at the corners, cracked or in some way damaged.

7 WEEKS BEFORE MY WEDDING - they asked me to take pictures of every broken coaster and email the pictures to them.

I went through coasters and sent all  the pictures to the company. 

5 WEEKS BEFORE MY WEDDING - they told me to pack the coasters and they would send UPS to pick them up, I wanted to only senf the broken ones, not ALL of them but they insisted on taking all of them back and sending me new ones.
They were sure the damage happened in the shipping but I told them there were no glass peices in the boxes. They weren't damaged in shipping. They were packaged and sent to me already damaged. They still insisted on having ALL the coasters back and reshipping them.
I told them my concerns about going through the trouble of shipping them all back just to get more broken ones because they weren't broken in the shipping.
They insisted it was the shipping and they would pack them better.
I told them I was thinking of just returning them and getting a refund but they said the next batch would be better. 

4 WEEKS BEFORE MY WEDDING - I don't know when the box was picked up but eventually it was and I heard nothing about it for a week. So I finally contacted them asking what was going to happen next.  They said they did get them and I would get a UPS tracking number when the coasters were on their way. 

3 WEEKS BEFORE MY WEDDING - still no word on my coaster so I asked again and they gave me a tracking number. The wrong tracking number. When I told them it was the wrong trakcing number they admitted they hadn't shipped them yet. I expressed my concern on how long this was taking and the rep actually told me not to "worry so much".

2 WEEKS BEFORE MY WEDDING - I never got a UPS tracking number but found the coasters in my lobby. I checked them immediately and these were in even worse condition than than the first batch. Since it's too late to do anything I asked for a refund of 31 coasters and I would send them back if need be because they were dangerously chipped and I could not hand them out to my family and friends. They said someone would contact me in 24 hours. I asked if I should send pix and they said it wasn't neccessary.

24 hours pass with no word. I contact them again and now they want pictures so I take pictures of the 31 I want to return and they agree to refund me.

1 WEEK BEORE MY WEDDING - I receive a garbled voice mail that sounds like they are agreeing to refund me the entire order but I need to call back. Estatic I call back and it turns out they accidentally refunded my entire order and want to recharge me for all but the 31 I'm dissatisfied with but lost my CC info and want my CC info again to charge me again. I check my CC and don't see the refund so I don't agree to let them recharge me.

At this point I'm so steamed that I'm researching other places that will send me personalized favors IN A RUSH!

They sent me an email saying if I didn't pay what they accidentally refunded 'collection action' will be taken against me.

After researching new favors and coming up empty I just paid them but I am completely disatisfied with how long it all took, how I was treated, and the fact that I still have broken / unusablle coasters. I would warn everyone about using this company. Their prices are cheap but you get what you pay for....
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