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Is my registry too small?

We've invited about 100 guests (sent out about 50 invites, so many are couples/families). I've posted about this before, but FI and I have lived together for 3 years, have an established household, and really don't need anything. We weren't going to register at all, but my parents eventually pushed us to do it, saying that they were uncomfortable telling people we are "saving for our honeymoon" and that people want to bring a "real gift." So we registered at BB&B, and there are currently 18 items on our list (ranging in price from $4 to $200, mostly items under $50). Honestly, though, it was a struggle to find that many things. Is an 18-item registry too small for a wedding with 100 guests? Almost everyone knows we've been living together for years and could probably use cash. Obviously, of course, people absolutely do not need to bring a gift at all, nor do we expect them to! I guess my question is whether I really do need to follow store guidelines and register for at least my number of guests and whether my registry is ridiculously small...

ETA: I'm not having a shower, either.

Re: Is my registry too small?

  • A small registry will encourage people to bring cash, but will allow those who absolutely want to bring boxed gifts to do so. You're good!
  • Thanks! That makes me feel better.
  • I think ultimately having a small registry is not a bad thing, I would think it would be much better than having a ton of items on your registry (I would be afraid I would seem too greedy). I had an issue with find enough things to put on my registry based on the idea of putting enough for every couple on the list (I don't have a problem with not receiving something that was on the list). I think as long as you don't mind getting actual gifts that were not on the registry (because some people will probably want to bring an actual gift even if the gifts on the registry have all been spoken for) and there are items at different price points then there isn't really a problem with having a small registry.
  • I absolutely do not give cash for weddings, and only very infrequently give gift cards.  A small registry would give me the option to give the kind of gift I want to give... and if it is purchased, it points me toward a store you would like a gift card for.
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