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Suggestions for an inexpensive gift for bride & groom?

I know the bridal party isn't always expected to get the couple a wedding gift, but since all the moolah we've spent has been for her specifically, I'd like to get a little something that includes the groom as well.

But I'm also kinda broke after all this wedding stuff, so I'd like to keep it in the $25 range. Maybe frame their wedding invitation? Any ideas?

Preferably nothing handmade, since the last time I attempted a craft project I super-glued myself to the floor...

Re: Suggestions for an inexpensive gift for bride & groom?

  • I'd buy them something within your budget off their registry (if they have registered) and write them a very nice message in the card.  I also think the idea of sending a gift card on their one-year anniversary is very sweet.
  • I'd consider:

    A foil-wrapped houseplant, wrapped in foil and ribbon by the florist

    A breakfast basket or mixing bowl $5 (you could make your own, with a basket or bowl from Michael's Crafts or a dollar store or Marshalls).  Add pancake or blueberry muffin mix $5, a wisk or spoon $5, a bag of coffee $5, a small maple syrup or jam $5.  Wrap it all in seran wrap and add a bow.

    A vase and bouquet of flowers (if you know they don't have allergies to flowers)

    A restaurant giftcard for a nearby romantic but affordable restaurant like Olive Garden or Red Lobster or Thai or Japanese (nearby to their could goggle the choices)

    A "his" and "hers" pair of slippers (try walmart for affordable ones) - wrap in one packet with a blue bow and a pink bow and tag..."his" "hers")

    Hope this helps

  • So my parents recently got a bottle of really nice champagne through their wine club. But bubbly drinks give my mom migraines, so she gave it to me to give the couple as a wedding gift. Gift problem solved! :)


    Unless that would be an inappropriate gift... thoughts?

    [Deleted User]
  • I think champagne is a great gift as long as the couple aren't teetotalers!  So glad it worked out well for you.
  • I would just pick something off the registry within your budget.  The bride knows how much you spent on that bridesmaid dress, if she is any kind of friend, she will not be thinking, ew- this just cost $25, she will be thankful!!!
  • Although a bride should never expect a gift, it is still etiquette to bring a gift, even if you are part of the bridal party.


    I would still buy a gift, even if it is something tiny from the registry

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