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Is an Amazon registry acceptable?

I'm trying to figure out where we will register.  I was thinking at least one physical store...but I was wondering if creating an Amazon wedding registry is acceptable? 

I wanted to make sure we have a physical brick & mortar store for the older family members & those who will physically go shopping.   (I have to double check and see if there is a BB&B in my hometown...otherwise, we'll pick either Macy's or Target/Kohls.)  But, my question is, it is acceptable to register on (for items you would register for at a Macy's or Bed, Bath & honeyfund or gift cards or any such nonsense...I'm talking about items for the home that you can purchase from different sellers on for those who are more apt to be "online shoppers"? 
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Re: Is an Amazon registry acceptable?

  • Personally, I think that's totally fine. :)
  • It's fine according to the Book of Mercedes.
  • Yes, particularly since you also plan on registering at a brick & mortar store for those who don't like to shop online.  I think you can add items from other stores, too, but those items probably wouldn't show up as purchased.  It would be nice to purchase from a registry that had the potential for free shipping, since we always have the gift shipped to the couple and have to account for shipping costs as part of our gift budget.
  • Go for it! I bet a lot of people would appreciate saving a trip to the store to look on Amazon!
  • I'm doing it for certain items on Amazon that can't be found elsewhere, but it's not the only one I'm having, so people have the choice of driving vs paying shipping.
  • Yes.  My friend had Amazon registries for her bridal and baby showers.  I really liked it.
  • I think it's a great idea! I wish we could have done it, but most of the things we would have registered for are only on (not and won't ship to a Canadian address (where we live).
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    It's totally fine to have an Amazon registry. The one downside is that Amazon does not offer free returns (unless the item is damaged or you received the wrong item). So be mindful of that when choosing items. They also don't offer a completion discount, like Macy's, BB & B, etc.

    I also have to add that the 'universal registry' is not very user-friendly. It's very easy to buy items actually sold through amazon, but if you add items from other sites, it's not very intuitive. Personally I'd stick to things actually fulfilled by Amazon.
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