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Hello! I am looking for any suggestions you all may have for hair styles for chest length hair that is very curly!!!! I do not want an updo, but that is all I seem to find : any suggestions are welcome!!!!! Thank you!

Re: Suggestions?

  • How about something like this:

    It'd keep your curls out of your face, but still give you the visible length. If you plan to wear a veil, it'll also help hold it.
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  • That is very pretty thank you!!!! The only issue I foresee is my hair does not like to straighten very well, no matter the amount or lack of product that is applied to it :/ but it is gorgeous!!!!! Thank you!
  • Hey there! I have very long, naturally curly hair. Like you, I don't want to put it up because I'd like the illusion of length. I'm planning on doing something like this side, half updo. It's pulled up enough that it won't be in my way, but still looks long: 

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