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So last summer I golfed a lot and got those amazing golf shirt tans!  Well my skin never really faded over the winter and the lines are noticeable.  I've started tanning a few times a week (and I know some of you will be against it, so I don't need to hear about how horrible it is) to try and even things out.  It has worked a little bit, but the lines are still noticeable.  My wedding isn't until August, but I really want these lines to go away.  I know spray tanning is an option, but I just want to know if anybody has had this problem and any ideas or suggestions on evening out my tan lines and if the spray tans really work to cover and even things out. Thanks!

Re: Tan Lines

  • I agree with Ella. Also be sure to give teh tanning some time, it'll take a while but it'll be worth it. 
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    Thanks ladies! I'm just beginning to panic because I want these lines gone but I just need to be patient! I feel dumb now but I hadn't thought about sunblock on the already tan parts while I'm tanning! Also, I'm so outdoorsy especially during the summer! So it's going to be hard keeping the lines away. My dress is strapless, so that wouldn't look very good. Thanks for the advice !
  • I did a spray tan for my wedding because I had that exact same tan line issue. It did help. Did it cover it 100%, no because there was so much of a drastic difference, but it did make it a lot less noticable. In fact I was probably the only one who noticed because I knew to look for it.

    I did go almost 2 months prior to my wedding to the place I ended up using for a tan to see how the color & process worked. I'm glad I did, I had them lighten the color several shades for my wedding compared to the first session. Make sure you follow the instructions they give you. I will say it help up great, some of the color did rub off on the inside of my dress, but that was after hours of dancing & sweating but where  it came off, no one even noticed. I haven't tried to remove the color from my dress yet, but my slip it washed right out using woolite. I put my slip in the washer on gentle & then line dried slip and it looked brand new. Sold it on ebay a week later.
  • My fiance is getting a spray tan for the wedding. He has the WORST hat tan from working outside. The woman who does the spray tanning showed me a before and after photo of a man who was bald and had a hat tan. She fixed him up easily. 
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    Oh i use sally hansen leg makeup all over!  It totally evens out stuff like that.  tan lines,strap lines etc. a great tip i picked up from a mua i used for a wedding.
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