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Photo break during cocktail hour? Is this feasible?

Fiance and I are talking about leaving (likely by limo) our one stop ceremony/reception venue during cocktail hour (along with our bridal party) to go about 5 minutes down the road to take photos in the historic downtown streets.  After which, we'd come back to the venue and make our entrance and do our first dance before sitting down to dinner.  

My question is, do you think this is going to work?  Is this a stretch?  We want to have that break between ceremony and reception where we actually leave so that we can make a grand entrance... AND we really want some downtown photos.

We don't have a finalized timeline or anything yet, just throwing around ideas.  It would look something like this...

5:00-5:30pm / ceremony (probably won't even take that long)
5:30-6pm / photos with family at ceremony location & probably some mingling
6-7pm / cocktail hour at the venue while bridal party takes photos downtown
7pm / bridal party entrance and first dance
7:15pm / dinner
....... then party, cake, dancing, garter/bouquet toss, etc.  We have the venue until midnight, plan to end around 11-11:30pm.


Re: Photo break during cocktail hour? Is this feasible?

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    Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! I like these ideas, and the really help me think this through. My fiancé is very against a first look, but I think we can do the whole break in an hour easily if we save the mingling for later. Our venue will have plenty for guests to keep busy with during cocktail hour besides the bar, there will be yard games (bags, horse shoes, & a kids activity table), not too mention a gorgeous bay view.
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