Ritz Charles at the Library

I'm planning an NYE wedding and was ecstatic when I found out the library was available.  I felt that the price for the room was pretty fair- the Simon Reading Room  at  $1500.  I'd still love to have my wedding and reception there but the contracted caterers seem over priced to me.  Am I just being naive?  They want $90-120 per head to just do hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.  This will blow my entire budget of money my parents are chipping in.  We were prepared to have to spend some on our own to cover some hidden cost etc, but we are looking at doubling the budget.  So far, every where else I've looked down town has a $10000 food and beverage minimum.  Any suggestions or advice?  We could probably swing the library I just hate to spend all that money on food I don't even really want.
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