Who has to have flowers?

We'll have around 100 guests of our wedding. I don't have bridesmaids, but closest ladies on wedding would be my mom, maid of honour and my sister (15 years old) Do all of us have to have flowers if they are still not dresses as my bridemaids? Does my mom need flowers?

ur advice would really help!
Thank you!

Re: Who has to have flowers?

  • No one really "needs" anything, but it's nice to have guests of honour stand out.  For example, at my wedding, for my mom and MIL, I had wrist corsages made for them.  My bouquet was a brooch bouquet; my bridesmaids had crepe flowers and even our centrepieces had silk pommanders.  Remember, it's your wedding, you can have whatever you want - flowers are just an option.
  • We're doing corsages for our Mom's, my FI's step-dad, my brother, and our grandmothers. We are not doing corsages for our sisters, as they are bridesmaids and are carrying bouquets.
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  • We did:

    Bridal bouquet
    Bridesmaid bouquets (2)
    Groom boutonnière
    boutonnières (3)
    boutonnières (2)
    corsages (2)
    boutonnières (2)
    Grandparent corsage (1)

    It was a lot, but a nice way to identify those important people for the rest of our guests (we had 95 guests, if that helps.) If the girls aren't bridesmaids, I don't think they need bouquets - but a wrist or pinned corsage may be nice?
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