Finding Affordable flowers

Does anyone have any suggestions of any reasonably priced florists in downtown or the GTA? I've been astounded with the prices I've been quoted....some places charging 500$ for a simple bouquet.....
Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Finding Affordable flowers

  • Depends on what you're looking for - are you choosing flowers that are in season, out of season?  Does it matter how far you have to go for your flowers?  What's your budget?
  • i am going with Joyce Wedding Services. for $430.96 i am getting:

     Bronze flower package

      1 bride bouquet with roses, calla lilies and orchid with crystal
      1 maid of honor bouquet with roses and calla lilies
      1 groom boutonniere with calla lilies
      1 bestmen boutonniere with calla lilies
      2 mother corsages in roses
      2 father boutonnieres in roses
      3 additional mother and grandma corsages in roses
      1 additional father boutonniere in roses

    they also do decor. i am getting them to do my head table, receiving table and cake table as well as a large sign with my and my fiance's name on it.

    they are out of Richmond Hill though

    tell them Nadia sent you ;)
  • Frankda Floral Designs charged me $400 for my bridal party (14) and parents/step-parents (5)
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