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fun party/reception ideas? (no ceremony)

hi all!

we are planning on a small family ceremony and reception in hawaii, then a big party later in los angeles for friends.....

any ideas or suggestions on a place to rent for the evening for food/drinks/dancing?

i've been looking at rental houses in the hollywood hills, also at the edison downtown, and the foundation room at HOB sunset... i seriously have no idea what i'm doing!

i don't need some fancy over the top thing... but i also have friends coming in from out of town so i don't want just a "meet up for drinks" thing....

any and all suggestions/experiences welcome!

Re: fun party/reception ideas? (no ceremony)

  • It really depends on what your budget is. Some places will be super expensive whereas you might be able to find others that are on the cheaper side of things. We looked at different places we enjoy going to and looked at the Pure Joy Catering website they host for venues (they have a ton of venues listed!).

  • Crafted at the Port of LA There is a Double Tree hotel a mile away for out of town guests, tourist attractions nearby, and a unique/casual open warehouse for the party. They have contacts for DJ, caterer, bartender, etc. I also highly recommend using Savor... for food.
  • hey thanks guys! i'll check out the pure joy website.... also, a friend of mine works at crafted, i'll pick his brain :)
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