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    To marry in the Catholic church, you must agree to raise your children in the Catholic faith.  It does not sound as if that is something you are comfortable doing.  Your FI is just going to have to be honest with his mom and gently remind her that this subject is between you and your FI.

    If FI's mom is a devout Catholic, this will be hard for her to hear and accept.  Be prepared for some potential fall out.  I am Catholic myself.  My daughter married with a full Mass.  My son was married by his high school friend who obtained his "ordination" via The Church of Dot Com.  Hard for me?  You betcha.  I focused on the love I witnessed between he and his bride, and the overwhelming support of friends and family.

    I may have some hopeful news for you.  Many years ago, my brother and his wife married at this church in Long Grove.......

    It was quaint and lovely.  The location would be perfect for you in terms of being near Wheeling.  Good luck!
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    Thank you so much!! I agree, very hard subject and don't want to offend anyone.  Good to hear from the side of someone who is a devot Catholic. I will check out the church in long grove!
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