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Post your Reception Hall!!!


 We are starting to start looking into places. We are unsure of a date as of now. So we would like to keep the reception Mini under 7,000 if at all possible.  Please post your venue...

 We love the lake.. We are looking st paul ish area.. but we are open!
 We are looking to get married next spring/summer.. time!

  Some places we looked at online were..
 * Black bear Crossings
 * Landmark center
*Cedarhurst  mansion

 If you had any experince with any of these also let us know.

 Thanks alot!

Re: Post your Reception Hall!!!

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    I had prom at Cedarhurst...this was like 6 years ago. It was beautiful but I remember thinking that the appetizers were kind of gross. I was like 17 though, so stuffed mushrooms weren't really my thing. It is definitely worth looking into, though. It's so pretty!

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    I had my ceremoy at Black Bear Crossings, and it was wonderful! Kathy and the whole staff there were great to work with - like PP said, they responded to emails quickly and were just very pleasant to work with. We didn't have our reception there so I can't speak to that, but the location is amazing, right on the lake, and covered in case of rain (which we had on our wedding day!). I still get people talking about how beautiful our ceremony location was.

    I had my senior prom at Landmark center. The space itself is very tradition and beautiful. Can't speak to food or anything since we didn't have any, but I remember having a great time at prom there! :)
  • I am having mine at The Sheraton, I looked into Black Bear Crossing and whom ever I had talked with over the phone had been super rude to me (but from the reviews above sounds like they must have had a different gal) So I ruled them out right away.
    Sheraton is amazing right now, we are having everything in one spot just because of how many guests are from out of town. But so far we have had excellent service, Tara is a saint.

    Depending on your number of guests: If i am correct I believe you can fit 107
    You need to reach the food/bev min is $4,000
    What is great is that lets say you don't get close to that if you have a bar that night, that goes towards that price (meaning what guests pay for goes towards the total as well)
    Hotel is not old either, breathe taking inside you don't have the old hotel carpet inside either.
  • I have been in a wedding at the Landmark Center 3 years ago.  Beautiful place.  We had a room upstairs to get ready in.  The food was very good as well.  

    Good luck finding a place!
  • Southview Country Club in West St. Paul.  It is surprisingly affordable and it's gorgeous there!
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  • Check out Hastings Country Club in Hastings, MN it is a little bit of a drive but it has beautiful views and NO food and beverage minimums! Plus Kari Jo is the best and so easy to work with!
  • We're looking at Eagan Community Center.  There isn't a food/bev minimum but you do have to go with 1 of 3 preferred caterers and their alcohol place of choice. The room itself is about $1600, prices are decent for alcohol and the caterers have a nice variety of food and prices.  It's nestled in Eagan's Central Park right off of 35 and Pilot Knob but you can't even tell it's in the city! It's surrounded by gorgeous trees and a beautiful pond!

  • How many people are you planning on inviting? We chartered a boat on Lake Minnetonka. There are also boats on the St Croix and Mississippi River that would be a bit closer.

  • Holiday Inn&Suites Lake Elmo - used to be the Wildwood Lodge so the ballroom isn't at all like your typical hotel. Rental is $400 for 2pm-midnight food min is between $4,000-6,000 depending on timing. Your best bet is to physically go see everything! Sometimes things look completely different online.
  • Lakeville Golf Course. Victoria was great to work with.  
  • We had ours at the wabasha street caves. It was about $6000 for 9 hours of rental on a saturday, bar (min of $700 for the bar) and food (no min for the food). It holds 250 people. It's not an outdoor location though or near the lake. It is near the mississippi river.
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