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Hair/Make up Help!!

Ok here is my dilemma I am in search for a hairstylist and make up artist (perferably that can do onsite, and if not onsite near the Woodbury,mn area) I am needing suggestions from fellow brides/brides to be. This sounds awful to say this but I am looking for some place that isn't going to charge me $70 per bridesmaid for their hair to be done. My fiance and I are paying for our wedding and if I can help with costs here that would be great.
My last option is having them do their own which they are up for, but if i can have them get their hair done the better.
Any help will be nice.

*note bridesmaids would not get makeup done unless they want to pay for it, makeup part is just for me.

Thank you,
from a stressed out bride dealing with budget issues :)

Re: Hair/Make up Help!!

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    I am getting married in Shakopee, and am in the same boat as you for bridesmaid hair, so I am excited to people's responses!

    I did want to let you know that Clinique counters in Macy's, Von Maur, and Herberger's will do free make-up for bridesmaids, I am super excited that it will be high quality and free for my bridesmaids! Just call and set-up appointments and the Clinque ladies will be excited to help out with your big day!

    Also, the Aveda hair school does up-do's for $20; everyone I know that has gone there has been happy with the end result. However, as they are students, and it may take longer due to consulting with their instructor, so it might be a good place for your bridesmaids rather than you.

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    I'm paying for my bridesmaid's makeup (not hair) and we just have appointments at Ulta in Woodbury--we will stop there on our way to the venue. It's not as ideal as onsite, but at only $30 a person I can't pass them up. Why not try looking into Ulta for the hair? I'm not sure what their prices are for that, but they may be reasonable.

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    If anyone does end up going with the Aveda Institute in Mpls (the school) just fyi I took my sister there for her hair/ makeup for her senior prom and it was a zoo! Very chaotic (understandably since it is huge) but it also took forever and ran over an hour behind schedule despite being 10 minutes early for her appointment. I just wanted to put this out there as I would be freaking out if I dealt with that on my wedding day. :)
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    Try BB Makeup in Hudson WI, they travel.
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    For my ladies, I wanted to gift them with having their hair done but also was not looking to spend $70 or more a head! My MOH discovered these things called Blow out Bars - where essentially they wash, dry, and style your hair with volume and waves and make it all glamorous like. We're not doing updo's, since my wedding is less formal, but for an additional cost they will do up-dos. We are going to the Wow Bar in Edina the morning of, and each girl's blow out is only $35! If you take care of them, they last up to 4 days. You can also add on make-up and lashes too! If you are looking for lesser expensive hair styling, I recommend looking into blow-outs.
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    I was MOH in a friend's wedding and we went to Ulta to get our hair done.  They did an excellent job, and I see on their website it's around $50 instead of $75 or $100.  I love my own hairstylist, but I'm assuming she'll be too expensive to use. 

    I like the blow dry bar idea too (they also do this at Ulta).
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    Check out Makeup By Mici. She has hairstylists that she can bring in to do hair as well and not only is she reasonable, but she's fantastic at what she does.  I used her for makeup and Pauline for hair and couldn't have been happier.


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