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What time would YOU start your wedding if you had it on a Sunday?

My wedding is on a Sunday, and it's in the summer. My mom wants it to start early, like.. 11 or 12. But, I want it to start around 4:00. I am also having a DJ and I feel like it would be/feel weird to have dancing in the middle of the day and that most people wouldn't dance during the day. I mean what clubs do you know of that throw parties or open their doors during the day and have people dancing?

Answer: none.

So, I'm asking past and present brides what their opinion is. We have about a 4-5 hour time slot and I wanted it to end around 9, but if it ended around 8 or 8:30, that would be ok, too.

Thanks all!

Re: What time would YOU start your wedding if you had it on a Sunday?

  • The problem with Sunday evening is you're going to have a A LOT of people pack it in early. People in town are going to leave early if they have work the next day. People out of town are going to need to travel the next day... and then some people from out of town won't even come because they'd need to take off work on Monday which is never cool.

    Sunday evening is a time when a lot of people wind down before work the next day.

    You liken the wedding to a club. Hate to say it, but if you really want dancing the night away, you need to have your wedding on a Saturday.

    A Sunday brunch wedding can be really nice. Mimosas, Bellinis, Bloody Marys. People in their Sunday best. Real pretty florals. Fresh fruit. The DJ playing classical and classic (think Sinatra, Gershwin, etc).
    Then the guests can get home when it's still daylight. And then you can let people know word of mouth that you and some friends are heading to the club that night and they are welcome to join.

    As I guest I'd far prefer a Sunday brunch than a Sunday evening. I went to a Sunday evening wedding once in Indianapolis. Reception went until 11 and I woke up at 4am to drive back to St. Louis for work... NOT a good Monday.
  • I would say about and hour or two after your normal church service gets out so around 1-2pm. So everyone can make it

  • We are having our wedding on a Sunday and agreed on the reception being 4pm to 9pm and the ceremony before that.


  • That sounds like a happy medium. Good luck!!
  • We are also getting married on a Sunday and guests are arriving at 5:00 with cocktails served and then 6:00pm is when the ceremony starts. 11:00PM is when we shut it down. 
    Alyssa & Drew 
    St. Louis

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