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How Did You Decide on Where to Register and for What?

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So I'm just curious as to how you ladies decided which items to register for at which places.  For example, FI and I are going to register at BBB and Macys, as well as either: Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, or Williams Sonoma (this last registery will be very small with seasonal items and just small pieces to add to our home).  FI and I basically need to register for everything seeing as how we have nothing to take with us into our future home.  Between Macys and BBB, we have a pretty good list of what we want, we just don't know at which store we should register at for specific items.  Should we do it based on price or which store has the item that we really want?  I don't want to double register for items at various stores because I don't want to risk the chance of receiving duplicate items.

I hope this is clear and easy to understand.  Thanks in advance ladies!

ETA:   Sorry for the double layouts LOL.

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Re: How Did You Decide on Where to Register and for What?

  • We also need everything since I am moving from living with roommates and my FI is moving from living with his parents.  

    We're registered at Macy's & BBB as well.  We picked those stores since they are pretty much everywhere and we have guests all over the country (and even some international guests). 

    I would say Macy's is our biggest registry, because they offer great registry rewards and have a really nice selection.  We also noticed that Macy's usually ends up being cheaper since stuff is almost always on sale for the BBB price (or lower) and Macy's coupons are much easier to use since BBB excludes most "bridal" brands on their 20% off coupons.  

    Here's how our items are split...

    Casual Dinnerware
    Large Kitchen Appliances

    Some Home Decor
    Kitchen Gadgets
    Entertaining serveware (tidbit plates, chip&dip, mini dessert set)
  • Honestly ours turned out to be pretty random. In each store we kind of just went crazy, then I went online later to delete things we had registered for at 2 stores, things we didn't really want, etc. I think it's easier to do when you can see everything in front of you and have seen all the options in person first.
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    Maybe stupid question here...what is this registration for? Wedding? Bridal shower? I honestly dont have any idea what we are suppose to register for.

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  • It would be for the bridal shower and wedding.  I know that some people do buy gifts off the bridal shower registry for the wedding.  I've never heard of doing two separate registries for both events.

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  • I first looked at convenience for us; then narrowed it for convenience of my guests.  I originally was tossed up between Macys, BBB, Target, Kohls and Amazon.  My town has BBB, Target and Kohls.  Macys is 1.5 hours from me, so I crossed it off for it would have been a PITA to go there to register and/or return things later if needed (I wanted to first register in person so I could actually see stuff).  Plus, of the things I really liked there. they were found at BBB too.  I had heard Target registry was a PITA as well so I did not even attempt it.  I liked the variety of BBB and knew it would be easy for my guests (and people like that you regularly get the 20% coupons).  My mom had originally bought me everyday dishes from Kohls so I registered there so I could add on to that collection and found other things I liked there as well.  Between the two I had plenty of things; so I was done.

    I was going to add Amazon, but felt like I had the basics covered with the first two; so three was not necessary for us.

    Kohls has had its glitches, but I really like the things I got and they have a good completion discount plus I get Kohls cash from each purchase made.  BBB has been super easy to work with (we received champagne glasses but one was broken.  Took it to the store, a replacement was sent and received within 48 hours).      

  • Thanks ladies!  FI and I decided on Macys and BBB.  We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted from each.  Macy's is our main registry and BBB has everything we didn't register for at Macy's.  We need to add to both of them, but we were getting so many people from our families asking where we were registered so we figured, lets start them and add items as the months go on.  We figured if anything goes on a great sale, and we can afford to spend the extra money, then we will just pick it up ourselves.

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