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Guidance for an affordable local venue

My fiancé and I are trying to plan a San Gabriel Valley based wedding. Our budget is about 5,000. Any savvy suggestions for a nice venue in or around the area? My family is based out of Covina.

Re: Guidance for an affordable local venue

  • I am in Pasadena, most hotels that I checked had a minimum dollar amount. The Westin in Pasadena wanted 2k for only the ceremony.

    My wedding is at the San Gabriel Grapevine Arbor, right next to the San Gabriel Mission. Our wedding will be slightly over the $5k, but if you budget correctly and scaled down on the catering you could do it. You can rent it thru the Parks and Rec dept at the city.

    Santa Anita Church, has a hall that you can rent and you can use the church, they seemed reasonable.

    The Arboretum is inexpensive for the venue but has a lot of perimeters

    Descanso Gardens was I think about $4k for the venue.

    You could try the Bissell House in South Pasadena.

    I think you can do a wedding out of Pudding Stone, more your side of town so research them.

    Padua Hills has weddings, but I didn't research the cost.

    Chevy Chase country club in Glendale(really near the Rose Bowl) is a nice, quaint venue and was inexpensive, it is kinda hidden which I really liked.

    I hope this all  helps. Good luck

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    We just got married at Crafted Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro... awesome large open warehouse built in 1945 for the war. The buidling is split into 3 sections, the first section is occupied by a handmade craft show. The other two spaces are empty and perfect for gatherings. Talk to Rachel Waugh about a quote. They are flexible and extremely helpful.

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    I can email you pictures if you are interested.
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