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Hair Questions/ Help

So I got my hairs cut today. My hair is pretty dry from getting it dyed, so my stylist recommended a deep conditioning treatment.
Have you ever done one before?  Is it something you would recommend?
Did you go through your salon or did you get or do an at home kit?
I want to do something but I was trying to do something at home, just to save money for a little.  My salon recommended Awapuhi which is from Paul Mitchell.

Just curious, thanks for any advice or tips you might have!


Re: Hair Questions/ Help

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    What do you currently use for shampoo and conditioner? My hair is also pretty dry, but a good conditioner can help. I did get a deep conditioning treatment done by my stylist, but she doesn't charge a ton.

    Pureology is expensive, but I really liked their conditioner. I use Redken Smoothdown now, which is a little less expensive, but may be too heavy depending on your hair. It helps fight frizz for me.

    My stylist has also recommended coconut oil. I bought some at Trader Joe's. You have to warm it up to make it liquid first. I put some on my hair, let it sit for 20 minutes and shampooed it out followed by regular conditioner.
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    I use Tresseme for shampoo the type for dry hair and I've been using for conditioner Garnier Fall Fight.   I like the idea of using coconut oil too.  My hair is pretty thin and can get frizzy I use an anti frizz after I shower.  Thanks! :-)


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    RWS2011RWS2011 member
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    Danser, I have not tried any of these concoctions, but I have made homemade facials using all natural ingredients, and it was great!  Depending on what you have in the house already, they could be very easy to make. 

    This is what I found for DIY:

    tablespoon of coconut oil
    two teaspoons of olive oil
    two teaspoons of honey (raw is better)
    and half of an avocado

    Let it sit for 30-45 minutes

    Coconut oil is amazing for hydrating and de-frizzing, avocado restores nutrients to the hair, honey gives the hair shine, and olive oil can act as a protective barrier.


    Whisk together one egg, a tablespoon each of coconut oil, olive oil and honey, and two ounces of water. Add half of a mashed banana and stir until the mask is smooth. Apply to strands for 15 minutes, then shampoo as usual.


    For dry hair in need of some major TLC, this mask is pure magic. Simply combine three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil with two eggs and apply the mixture to your hair. Use your fingers to work it through from roots to tips. Put on a shower cap and let the mixture sit for 20 minutes before rinsing in the shower. The olive oil will help hydrate brittle locks, while the protein in the eggs will promote healthy hair growth.

    Good luck with whatever product or method you choose!

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    Thanks  you RWS.  I'd much rather try the natural recipes approach first!


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    Thanks Buggle!


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    I like PM's awapuhi line, but even to buy it at a beauty professional supply store the whole thing is about $100.

    I find that if I change up what I use for shampoo and conditioner that helps with the dry ends.

    Also how often do you color your hair?

    Actually, thinking about deep conditioner at home, my tried and true is PM Super Charged moisturizer OR Bed Head's Dirty Blonde deep conditioner (which I just check on Cosmoprof they don't carry anymore, that sucks).

    I like PM Super Skinny Serum, I used that at as a cutting agent when I was a hairstylist and it works with all types of hair, you just can't go crazy if someone has fine hair. It gives your hair tons of shine, I use it on my own hair in the winter since that's when my hair gets to be the worse in regards to dryness.

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    I'm with RWS I like using natural options rather than chemical. When I henna my hair I always add an egg, and a little olive oil. I've been known to use olive oil based mayonnaise on my hair more than once then rinsing it out 15-30 minutes later. I only put it at the bottom though never at the top it makes for a greasy nasty scalp. Avocado does sound good though I might try that next time. Ticker
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    Belle2188Belle2188 member
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    Last time I got my hair cut she threw in a complimentary conditioning treatment for referring someone.  I think it's called Kerastase, and I think it made a big difference on my dry hair.  It's a 10 makes a great at home hair mask (and also an awesome leave-in conditioner).

    Like others have said, a new shampoo could make a difference as well.  Bed Head makes a line of recovery shampoos and conditioners--they come in 3 levels and I've used level 3 (Resurrection I think).  I noticed a big difference and definitely recommend it.  It can be a little pricey though, so if you'd rather not spend the money I've also had good results with Infusium 23, which is really inexpensive.
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    I've got very dry hair. For shampoo and conditinoner I use Dove Intensive Repair. It's not a lot of money but it works really well. When it's really dry I soak it in baby oil and sugar. The baby oil is kinder to my skin but otherwise you could use any oil really.
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    So many options to try out and research I love it! Thanks everyone.

    Liv- There is an Ulta right near my house, I've never been in one, I sense it could be a dangerous thing.


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