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SO's sister's wedding is one month away....

..and she has no officiant. I'm MOH and pitched in a couple of weeks ago by looking up local officiants and giving her phone numbers and prices ( at her request ).
She's called a couple and didn't like their prices. I haven't said anything ( and won't ) to stress her out, but I can't help thinking to myself that she's going to end up stuck with no officiant.  She's fine with a notary public ( they can legally marry people in my state ), but those who say they do ceremonies want more than she is willing to pay. I have been toying with the idea of offering to help with the expense just so she can get one booked, but I dunno. She doesn't seem worried. I'm scared. It's a June wedding, on a Sat, at 5. This is going to work out, right? People book officiants in less time than this, don't they? I'm going to get to wear my fabulous MOH dress, right? I kid, I kid. I do love the dress, but I want her wedding to be perfect for her. She deserves it.

Re: SO's sister's wedding is one month away....

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    Officiants are apparently expensive. My sisters was only $250 but alllll of them here are at least $500 if we want a rehearsal. And sure we don't need a rehearsal, but we would like one.

    Good luck! You can call the county courthouse here for a list of approved people but the lists don't include everyone (which is lame)
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    It is absolutely outrageous, isn't it? I know she's willing to forgo a rehearsal.
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    I just asked around a little and found out I knew about 5 people who can legally officiate weddings. She could make a few phone calls and see if a friend, acquaintance, or relative thereof is able to perform this function.  Then, it could be the cost of a thank you gift and a meal.

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    I just booked our officiant last week.  We were supposed to have a friend do it but he's an MD and isn't 100% sure he can make it.  I looked on the wedding websites and researched a few.  The popular ones were already booked and we are getting married in August.  Once I heard the price I about cried.  I called the county courthouse, got some names and numbers and talked to a very nice lady that only charged $100.  FWIW, she thanked me for calling so far ahead because usually people call her a week before, even HOURS before so there's still hope! 

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