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C & V Thursday

Have a confession? Need to vent? Here's your chance!!

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    Confession: I'm kind of wishing I wouldn't have told all of my bridesmaids they could crash at my house after my bachelorette party this coming weekend because I don't have time to do a thorough house cleaning.

    Vent: It's supposed to be 82 degrees today and the heat is running on my floor. It's like 100 degrees in my office right now.

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    Confession: I can't wait for this wedding to be over. I love my FI and I'm ready to be married to him, but this planning has been so stressful lately. I just want to enjoy this time in our lives. And I want to start saving money from my paychecks, I don't work three jobs for nothing!

    Vent: I'm about to freak out on the FI. We're at a point where I'm literally stoked to find change because that means that I can afford to get a coke during the day, and how does he show me that he's taking saving money seriously? He ignores fines he has to pay and NOW there's a late fee added on to the fines. I called today to see how much was due and found out he's been receiving mail about this since January. WTF dude, W.T.F.

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    Vent: I'm The Artist Formerly Known As Sopraffina. I haven't been able to comment here since they changed the layout. It asked me to enter another username, so I entered "MrsBee" (as in, Mrs. B.) I really didn't think it would even be available, but it was, and I can't comment under anything else now. Whatever.

    Confession: I've spent about 5% of my time at work doing work-related activities.

    ETA: another vent... FI's family hasn't contributed anything, but are suddenly pissed that there will be no rehearsal dinner. They feel it's important to let everyone get to know each other before the wedding. Not important enough to pay for it, however...

    Oh, and I haven't heard anything about my dress that was supposed to be in this week! I'll be calling after they open at noon.


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    Vent: I'm so frustrated with FMIL & FSIL's there is wayyyyyyy too much drama with them, I can't even write it all out here but I"m just exhausted from dealing with them!!!

    Confession:  I"m so excited for my honeymoon it's all I think about!
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    Confession: I just ordered my dress last week!! I know seriously cutting it close, but it's on track to be here tomorrow and the only alteration it will need is the straps shortened about an inch! Assuming I can manage to maintain my weight for the next month! Lol! And I have an amazing designer friend who is doing the altering for me :)

    Vent: My to do list just seems to be growing and I'm seriously feeling overwhelmed!! Not to mention we moved 2 weeks ago into a house twice the size of our old house and I'm stressing trying to unpack and decorate and get everything perfect before the FILs come to visit!! They've never once come to visit so I would like to make it really nice!

    Vent #2: We ended up paying for FBIL, FSIL and her daughters plane tickets to come down for the wedding, I've pretty much gotten over that, though I still don't understand how they couldn't manage to save the money over the past year! Then fiances parents finally booked their tickets last week and aren't coming in until the Thursday before the wedding and leaving on Monday, they've never come down here to visit and are staying not even 4 days, seriously?? On top of the fact that they're not coming in until 2 days before the wedding, they're flying into an airport 3 hours away (way cheaper than flying into the airport in town) and expect us to come get them!!!! Ugh seriously??!! I don't have time to spend 7+ hours in the car 2 days before my wedding and seriously can't believe they actually expect us to come get them! So now we've decided we're going to go ahead and rent them a car so we don't have to worry about it, but seriously why can't they just do it themselves?! Why is it that this is our wedding and we're having to pay for everyone else?! Oh and not to mention that after we told them we would pay for their car we got nothing but complaints! "What if we get lost?" They seriously only have to make one turn they whole trip. Or the best one was the phone call from them wondering why we hadn't booked their rental car yet. We seriously had only brought it up like 2 days earlier!! Oh my gosh!! It's things like this that sometimes make me kinda glad they live half way across the country! I know that's horrible to say and I love them so much, but wow this is just getting ridiculous!!

    Wow!!! I just realized that was a crazy long vent!!! Sorry ladies!

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