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A Mexican Fiesta/Enchanted Forest theme???.....HELP!!!!

We're planning a wedding in Santa Barbara next year. My FI wants a Mexican Fiesta theme (neither one of us is Mexican) and I want an Enchanted Forest theme.  He knows that I have the "ultimate say-so" but I'd still like to incoporate some of his wishes into the reception....I just have no clue how to combine the two.  Any creative suggestions out there???

Re: A Mexican Fiesta/Enchanted Forest theme???.....HELP!!!!

  • Papel Picado tissue paper decor, you can find them inexpensively and hang them up.

    Margaritas in different flavors as a specialty drink for the reception.

    Maybe some other mexican themed food

  • I would suggest a rainforest-ish theme. So you have the greenery from your enchanted forest but incorporate the vibrant colors of Mexico. Think Mayan and Aztec pyramids surrounded by lush forest. For the ceremony you can have garlands of lush green leaves along the aisle with pops of colors of pink yellow and orange exotic flowers. For the reception large green centerpieces depicting the canopy of the forest. Here is kind of an example
    Bonus here is you save on flowers.

    You can take inspiration from famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera and use calla lilies throughout your wedding. Mixing in more dark rich primary colors as seen in his art.
  • You could have your ceremony and reception outdoors in a place that fits your forest theme and incorporate the mexican theme in the food and drinks, maybe also use lots of bright colors as part of your theme.
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