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  • Confession: I've barely worked at all today, it's mostly just been wedding planning. We're so freaking close.

    Vent: A work in an office that used to have a clear hierarchy (Me - Student Worker, my supervisor, her supervisor who is also my supervisor, and then a supervisor of the entire office). That being said they've recently told supervisor 2 that she is no longer the supervisor to me and my supervisor. This has been VERY awkward for me because I'm the student assistant and she is no longer allowed to ask me directly to do a project for her. My vent is that this woman is so lazy it's maddening, twice in the past week she has gotten a pen out of my pen cup and then instead of returning the pen to my cup she throws it on my filing cabinet and walks away. Really? Two more steps is all it takes. >:|

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  • Oh I like this idea!

    Confession: I don't want to work on my presentation for tomorrow.  I really just want school to be over since I'm exhausted. I don't want to do homework or study or anything.  I just want to read, play on TK and my horse game.  

    Vent: I really don't like missing drop down menu.  It's a pain to navigate between boards now.  I miss the old way :(
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  • Confession: I spent two hours at work today designing save the date postcards.

    Vent: I hate Atlanta traffic. It took me an hour and a half to get home today when it takes 20 minutes without traffic. Such a waste of time. Oh well. Hope its better tomorrow.
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    Confession: I didn't do any work on my thesis yesterday because it has gotten boring.  In fact, I accomplished nothing yesterday because it was cold wet and rainy and I went on strike from my life.

    Vent: I hate filling out online forms that insist that you give a phone number.  I don't actually have a phone right now, so what do they expect me to do?  It is perfectly possible, even in this day in age, for someone to rely on Skype and email instead of a phone, especially when everyone I love is 3000 miles away and I don't want to waste my life savings on an hour long phone call.  I hate you online forms!  Give me more options!

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    elBecko said:
    Vent: Several of my FB friends this week have re-posted this picture that gives the "real facts" behind charities that are "actually" rip-offs.  I know these people have good intentions, but most of what's on that chart is false (like saying that the CEO of UNICEF makes $1.2 mill annually) and I get really frustrated that people 1.) re-post things without spending 1 minute on google to verify them and 2.) are trying to discourage others from supporting organizations that do so much good. 

    ETA:  While I doubt anyone really cares about that but me, here's a link to one of the photos that's been going around:

    and here is some actual information, complete with (gasp) actual references: 

    I do extensive research on the charities I give to, so I actually really appreciate this!  I also saw that email going around, but I didn't repost. 

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