My first "Bridezilla" moment...and I am FURIOUS!

Okay, so this is my first post....Hi. I'm Jen. and I'm getting married June 1st. So far the planning has been awesome! Everything is really starting to come together. Except for today. Today was bad.

I ordered all silk bouquets from At first, I was really skeptical because the prices were terribly low, and I didn't want to get anything low quality, but the reviews of this site were awesome, and the pictures I saw on their Facebook of other brides were so beautiful! I went ahead and dove right in, thinking I was getting a great deal. No. Beware ladies. These people don't give a CRAP. The order was wrong. Not just "oh this will be okay wrong". It was ALL wrong.

Lets see...the corsage I ordered for my daughter is actually a boutonniere. The bridesmaids bouquets are sticky. Really sticky. I held onto each one for 20 seconds and needed to scrub goo from the tape off my hands. It was gross...and I'm generally not a picky person in the slightest, but there's no way my bridesmaids can carry those for the duration of the ceremony being that sticky. If that wasn't bad enough, one of them is already falling apart in two different places. The brides bouquet is the completely wrong bouquet; not even close to the one I ordered. Oh's red...and the one I originally ordered was red, so...I guess that's supposed to be okay. However, it doesn't come close to matching the bridesmaids bouquets, and even has the wrong color ribbon on it. Seriously, the person who read the packing slip obviously can't read because it says right there on it to make the ribbon black. This thing is white as snow. 

I'm pretty mad that I have to do this all over again, and at the last minute now and pray they get here on time. To make matters worse, they don't answer phones. I called at least 10 times today, and never got a single one person on the phone; just got the answering machine. I've sent three emails to two different addresses for them, with no response, I left a message on their Facebook page, and even went to the website again and used the "Contact Us' form. Not one single response. At this point, it isn't even about bring a Bridezilla. It's about ordering a product, paying money for it, and expecting to get what you order....and expecting their company to give a damn about it. Which they obviously do not.

If you're still reading this post, thanks for listening. I'm really frustrated, and don't really have a ton of people to reach out to. I don't keep too many people close to me (my ceremony is going to be fairly small), and my bridesmaids are both out of town. It's getting so close to the day, and everything was going quite well till now, and I find myself totally stressed over this! 

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Re: My first "Bridezilla" moment...and I am FURIOUS!

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    Sorry you had such a bad experience!  

    Afloral is a good website to order silks from. A lot of brides here highly recommend them. 

    Also, would you have the time to make them yourself the day before using fresh flowers? One of my bridesmaids made our bouquets for her wedding, and it was cheap and simple. She just used flowers from the grocery store and ribbon from a craft store: (sorry the pic is sideways)
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    ugh how frustrating....  I agree with the top post...  That is always an option.. don't worry I'm sure everything will work out... did they offer to fix it or refund?

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    d2vad2va member
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    If I were you I would be blowing up their facebook page! 

    Im soooo sorry for this! Either take the PPs advice and order new ones, or make new ones or whatever, and then deal with this company and get your money back.

    ALSO because you ordered online, hopefully with a credit or debit card. PLEASE CALL you cc/dc company and file a chargeback immediately!!! 

    I understand it is frustrating, but take a BIG DEEP breath! 

    P.S. I will be going to their facebook page ;) and leaving a piece of my mind! 
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    d2vad2va member
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    ALSO, this is NOT a bridezilla moment! You have every right to be livid!
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    hlvonbhlvonb member
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    I think any bride in that position would be furious. Thank you for giving us all the heads up!
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    I like also. I ordered some flowers and kept looking at it afew time because i thought they sent real ones.

    Not all their flowers are that real but still good quality. I mixed some cheeper ones from

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