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I don't know what to do. We went to this little bridal shop in Zelioenple, Pa back in August 2010. I found my dress there. She made us pay the whole $1000 up front. Which we didnt know that isnt normal. The owner told us the dress should be here in about 10 days. Well 10 days go by and we havent herd anything so we started calling the store and going up there. I would leave messages on her answering machine and so on I got NO RESPONSE from her. So on September 19th I ran into her at a bride show. She came up and told me she just got confirmation that my dress will be in that Tuesday. So I called her that Tuesday and NO ANSWER!! She finially called me back that Saturday she said she go food poisening from food. We went up there a week later that to get my dress. When we go there she didnt open my box with the dress in, we opened the box it is THE WRONG DRESS!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! I'm pissed. So she supposely called the designer and they said they sent the wrong dress. So she told me to call her back in about a week, I called and called, no answer. So my mom went up Oct 16th and she was there at the store she told my mom she got food posiening again and told my mom thats the reason why she wasnt in the store at all last week. My mom asked her if my dress was there and she said no because she had all her deliveries stopped and she told my mom she will call monday morning. So Monday came no response she finially emailed me the UPS tracking number and I tracked it and it's saying the number is invalid. so i called and called her to let her no I left messages and emails no RESPONSE!! I don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    First of all, calm down. 

    Second of all, do you have a receipt? I would give her a few more weeks, maybe a month and then ask for my money back. If she really was ill and had her deliveries stopped, then it's going to take a little longer.

    Mistakes happen and people get sick. She could have typed the number wrong. And she probably can't answer the phone/e-mails right away because she is with customers. Did you research the shop at all? Have other people had the same problem with her?
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    Yikes!! The only thing I can think of is to go to the store and demand your money back. Otherwise, I'm just not sure. I hope you're not out $1K and a dress...

    I really hope it works out for you! Please keep us updated!
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    I know there's a store in Zelienople that I've read some bad reviews on, and am wondering if this is the same one.  Depending on the designer, 10 days seems like a really short period of time in which to expect a wedding dress to be delivered.  I think most usually take months to get in, unless it's somewhere like David's Bridal, which I think (not sure) is a shorter time period.  The timelines she's given you seem unrealistic.  When is your wedding?  

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  • gmc22gmc22 member
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    I agree with PPs - the whole thing sounds fishy to me.

    I would go to the store and talk with her again in person. Voice your concerns to her and have her check the tracking number she gave you - as PP mentioned, perhaps it was typed wrong? Overall, I wouldn't panic - the store is obviously still there (which could have been a major problem if the shop had closed) so you can always go and fight this with her in person. Also, you did recieve the first 'wrong' dress so it is feasable to think that you will, in fact, recieve the right dress in time.

    As Ash said, 10 days is awfully quick to order and recieve a wedding gown - give it a bit more time then deal with this woman face to face if the dress does not come in.
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    I agree with G, this is fishy. I got my dress as David's Bridal, and as pp said, it was quicker than ordering at other shops. But it still took at least a month to come in. 10 days for a designer gown doesn't seem right, as well as the fact that she happened to have food poisoning twice, so close together. Does no one else work in the shop that would be there to answer phones, take deliveries, etc.? Hopefully her sickness and wrong tracking # were just honest mistakes... I agree with Barbie- I'd wait another month tops, then ask for my money back (assuming you have proof of payment). GL!

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    I've looked up her today and she has had a lot of issues about not doing her job. she is never open to deal with customers
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    Ash2985, yes it is the store in Zeli. I have herd some many bad things ever since i order my dress from there. everyone that i've talked to tells me its fishy that she made my mom pay up front for the whole dress. The store where I got my girls dresses even said they only want a deposit for not the whole thing! I went up there today because her answering machine said she will be open from 2-8 today and she wasnt there.
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    Sorry to hear this. I would go to the store and demand my money back. Can you get the dress anywhere else? I think that's ridiculous. If she can't have the dress for you when she says she would then she shouldn't have given you that time frame.
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    Another option if you paid by credit card is have the credit card company dispute this.  I'm not exactly sure of how this works, but my DF is adamant about paying by CC for anything wedding related when possible so if a vendor falls through, we're not out the money in the end.
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    thanks! I got an email from her last night, telling me that she called the designer and said it is schedule to be at the store Thursday at 4pm. which I don't understand how can they know what time the dress will be here and the email she sent me with the tracking number October 27 it will be delivered. I don't know what to do.
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    I just wanted to let everyone know I go my dress last night. FINIALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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