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Has anybody looked at Sam's flowers

I want to do my own flowers and cannot decide on Sam's in bulk or Central Market. Any suggestions would be appreiated. Our wedding is in 43 more days at the Omni Hotel Ft. Worth:-)

Re: Has anybody looked at Sam's flowers

  • I know we've had a couple of Knotties use Sam's and they were very happy with them.  One of our past Knotties did simple vases with white roses and I thought they were so pretty.

    You might want to look at Central Market's prices and have them just do them for you--we've had lots of Knotties do that as well.


  • I did Sam's for my hydrangea bouquet. I was not happy with it. They flowers were all half dead when I got them- luckily hydrangea were in season and we got some from Kroger!
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  • I just read a horror story about Sam's on Wedding Wire. If you're in Fort Worth, check out the 7th Street Flower Shop. They're a locally owned company with great prices. You can order wholesale flowers and pick them up before the wedding. I have a friend who used them and loved it. I met with them and they were great.
  • I haven't checked out Sam's myself, however, I went to Central Market in Southlake on Wednesday to get an estimate and she flat out told me that Sam's and Costco are better. We are only doing roses and she said we would get the same quilaty but a better price. She also said you can get more variety of color as well.  
  • I know this is probably not too helpful, but I had a friend get married in Fort Worth, and she got flowers from a wholesale market. I don't know many more details - sorry :(
  • I used Central Market - about 45 days before my wedding, and my total came to around 200$ for all my decor flowers (10 tables + head table), aisle flowers, and bouquets- I even had flowers left over that we ended up not needing. I talked to CM about flowers I liked (via pinterest decor pictures) and they gave me pricing for those and offered lower cost alternatives. I went to the Preston and Royal location, which is not as busy as others. They ordered everything for me and I picked  up the day before, although you could pick up the day of. My flowers were FLAWLESS- they looked so professional and I spent a fraction of what a florist costs. 
  • A huge thank you to all of you. Our wedding is June 29 at the OmniHotels and I'm starting to get in slightly panic mode. We are having blue and purple hydrangeas, dark orange roses and pink orchids. I am seriously considering getting my high Hydrangeas from seventh Street market or central market. But so far from the reviews I have read the roses and orchids seem fine from Sam's.
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    There's a post about DIY flowers somewhere down the list here, and in it I linked to a really great post by a former Knottie who DIYed all her roses from Sam's with excellent results.  I'll try to find it if you can't, but I don't have time right now.

    Edit: Here you go: Click
  • Thank you so much for that link. I just read all of it and left a reply ;-)
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