Help! In need of southern Maine venue

So here is my emergency: I am getting married in 4 weeks and am having capacity troubles at my current reception venue! Long story short we had many people unable to make our wedding and my fiancé invited more family he recently became close with and now we are over the venue limits. I'm sure if we don't find another location somehow it will work out, but I'd rather try to find somewhere else than do nothing about it! So my theme is rustic vintage, I don't have buckets of money to spend on a new location, and I know my time frame isn't quite ideal, lol. So if anyone knows of a location? Or a grassy spot, and I'll rent a tent.

Re: Help! In need of southern Maine venue

  • Start with your family and friends, does anyone have a big field? You guys just invited a bunch of more family, see if they can help! Also ask friends to ask their friends. You'll need to rent port-a-potties. 4 weeks is tough! Good Luck!
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