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March 2014--On the fence about video

Was hoping I could get some advice---I'm on the fence about hiring a videographer for the big day. I just don't know if I'm willing to pay some of these outrageous prices for a 10 minute video!!! Is it worth it? Is there someone that will do it for a reasonable price? Thanks ladies!!!

Re: March 2014--On the fence about video

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    Will you watch a video more than once?  If not...skip it and save the money.  Just be sure to hire a good photographer
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  • It really depends on your personality. My H and I don't even like to have our picture taken, so a video was definitely out for us. If you're comfortable posing and working the camera like some people are, this might be a great thing that you'll cherish. As far as a reasonable price, check out craigslist to find someone who might be just starting a business (this is how we found our photographer - everyone has to start somewhere!).
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  • I wasn't sure if I wanted one or not either... then I realized that I was spending a lot of money on the wedding to regret not having a video a few years later. We decided to do a very basic video - we are using Extra Step Video - he does great work for the price. He isn't going to be as good as a $5000 videographer but I'm certain he will capture exactly what we are looking for in our price range... good luck!
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    We didn't have a videographer. We went back and forth about it for a while but decided in the end that it wasn't important to us. We also attended a couple weddings who had videographers and we really didn't enjoy having someone in our face with a camera on the dance floor for example. It was awkward and that helped us make up our minds. I've only been married for about 6 weeks now but I don't regret this decision at all. 

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    I had one and I am so glad I did!  They didn't bother anyone at the wedding, just took footage from around the room.  I got the basic video with 2 extra copies.  It didn't cost much.  Maybe $1000.  Just look at base packages.
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