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I've been e-mailing back and forth with multiple vendors, and I'm starting to go crazy.  My budget for the whole wedding is 12,000, and I'm starting to feel like I won't have any money for a dress with the vendors I was looking at.  I'm looking at less expensive vendors, but I'm not very happy.  I went to tour the Orion Ballroom and absolutely fell in love with it from the pictures on facebook.  It's great, but the overall price was 11,000!  My guest list is around 125, and I really want a wedding around December, but I'm really flexible on that. Can anyone help with more suggestions?

I'm still looking at the Room on Main, Hickory Street Annex, Piazza in the Village, and Ashton Gardens

I'm researching price on The Dallas World Aquarium and the Nasher Sculpture Center.

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    I'm having my wedding at the Orion in June, and we aren't paying 11,000 for just the venue. My entire budget is around 15k, which is similar to yours. Just curious, how did your quote come to 11,000? I forgot to mention...We are having around 100 people probably. We invited 150, and rsvps are still coming in but it's looking like only 100 or so are coming.
  • I would probably rule out Nasher, Piazza and Ashton Gardens on that budget, although Piazza does have a smaller less expensive ballroom. If you want a higher end venue, maybe consider a Friday rather than Saturday as sometimes that is cheaper.
  • I seem to remember the biggest reason we ruled out the Aquarium was that it was pretty expensive.  =(

    With places like Orion, the biggest issue you're going to hit is the food and beverage minimum, so you might consider venues that allow outside catering.  The tradeoff is that many of those venues are also pretty heavily DIY.
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    I think my quote came out to be around 11 because of all of the food. We thought action stations would be the best idea, but I think a buffet with a s'mores bar would be fine. Plus drinks are expensive. We are doing it on a Friday night. I think we're gonna end up going with the Orion just because of the atmosphere, it's perfect.
  • We are having a carving station, pasta station, and then just grilled veggies for sides. Beer and wine for drinks. It's around 8, give or take some. So, it can be done to make it lower! S'mores bar would be cool though! We wanted a milkshake bar but decided to serve a meat based meal so we had to cut all the dairy in order to keep it kosher.
  • Noah's in Irving
    Bingham House in McKinney
    Lone Oak Winery in Burleson
    The Orchard in Azle

    Just to name a few.
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