Greek Hall in Oakmont

We are planning a wedding for May/June 2014 and we are looking at the Greek hall in Oakmont. Some of the reviews we have read are not the best and just wanted to know if anyone had some input. Thanks!

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    My FI and I went in September to visit Riverview and also stopped by to see the Greek Social Hall since both are owned by the same person. Riverview is very small so if you're having a large party it won't do. The Greek Social Hall is bigger and a lot nicer. The manager was very nice and personable. They also let you bring in your own alcohol. I had my heart set on a hotel wedding and so I knew it wasn't the venue for me. Hope that helps!
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    I too am looking at the Greek Social Hall for a September 2014 wedding. I actually attended a food tasting there last night with the main caterer that caters for them. The food was really good IMO and I loved the look of the hall for the overall price. Only 2 set backs so far are that it's a bit L-shaped if you have a lot of guests and the DJ is set up literally right next to the entrance the WP will come in through (hope there won't be wires or speakers in the entrance pics). Where did you read these reviews crisrmci?
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    Ive been to 4 weddings there, 2 on the river, 2 in the social hall. Both places are fantastic and the food has been delicious! Good luck! 
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    I just went to a wedding there Saturday and I had a lot of fun. The dj is right by the entrance but that didn't bother anyone. The only downfall was the L shaped. My FI was in the bridal party so I got to eat when they did but those on the other side by the bar hadn't even started when we were finished. It also made it feel segregated but truthfully it's just a seat for dinner. You spend most of your time dancing. The food was great! One of the best buffets I've ever had a wedding! Hope that helps! Plus, they had staff on hand to clean up spills.
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