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I need advice!!

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So long story short my fiancé and I got screwed by our reception venue so we had to change locations, the new venue wanted a deposit before even letting us see the contract and we didn't think that was right so we haven't given them any money. So here I am still without a venue for a reception when my wedding is 6 months away. We budgeted about 10 grand for the wedding my parents gave us 5 and my fiancé and I were paying 5. So here I am to my next problem, our sewer line in our house broke and we had to spend 4 grand getting that replaced. Our roof is leaking and needs repaired and we are strapped with money now that those issues just happened and all the money that should have been saved is going to fixing our home. We talked about doing a small court wedding with just a cookout at my parents for close friends and family, or we can wait till next year and have the wedding we planned on...I'm just so torn, my emotions have been all over the place with changing venues and not knowing what is going to happen, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Im really in need of some positive words. Love, Lost bride

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    Ditto CMGr. It depends on whether you will look back and wish you had waited or not. 

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