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Parent Gifts - need opinions!

Hey ladiessss - 

So I've been having the hardest time figuring out what to get our parents for the wedding, as a thank you. They've done a lot (my parents put the hefty deposit for our venue and his parents are picking up the florist and DJ tab). After throwing around ideas, we seem pretty happy with one and I was hoping for some input/feedback!

We are getting married on the beach in the Cape, so we were going to take a picture of the beach...and probably try to get the long wooden walkway in the picture...and have it either painted by an artist (if we can a. find one and b. have it finished in time) or get a canvas wrap of it.

I found this picture of it online as a back up if I can't get a good picture on the 30th. But it doesn't show the beach where the ceremony is, just the walkway with the ocean background...which is nice too!

Opinions? :)

(We will also be giving them parent wedding albums, but I really wanted something to give them the night of the rehearsal.)

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