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Must change wedding reception location?!

I need help! 2 months from my wedding in the Chicago suburbs and I have to change my venue last minute. Issue is I have a 1500 dollar budget and they must allow self catering. It is a country/garden outside wedding. Also, I have a late wedding. Actual ceremony doesn't start till 7:30pm. So we are looking at our reception not even starting till 8:30 (photos before ceremony). Any ideas would be so helpful. Already checked all local park districts, and it was very unhelpful. Only 1500 dollar budget for rental space (tables and chairs included would be great), but that is all I need! Has to fit up too 190 people about.

Re: Must change wedding reception location?!

  • Yikes! So sorry to hear you have to change your location. 

    You might want to try posting this on your local board, I don't think we have many (if any) girls here from Chicago. Sorry!

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