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Hello ladies!

I'm looking for some ideas myself on what to do for my gifts for my BMs.

I wanted to see what an appropriate amount would be (or what would be too much I should say). I was initially thinking some Kate Spade Sunglasses for everyone. I'm getting married in August, and if I thought a cute pair in black, with a little pattern maybe, could be worn the day of the wedding - or any time after that. I was also thinking of getting a bottle of wine for each of them (one of their favorites) from this Vineyard in CA - and getting a picture (APPROPRIATE picture) of me and the individual girl placed as the label.

I've only ever been in one wedding as an adult and I got a robe - which I liked! No complaints.

But what are the thoughts on this?

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    As long as they're all wine drinkers, sure! As for the sunglasses...will all the girls wear them? I wear prescription ones so they'd be a waste for me.


    I'm glad you liked your robe but many women here wouldn't be fans of receiving one -- myself included!

  • That's a very generous gift as long as the sunglasses are a style they'd enjoy! I know a lot of the "trendy" styles make me look like an alien, but you know your friends best!
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    In theory it sounds like a very nice generous gift. But, I'm really picky with my sunglasses. Most make me look like a bug. I'd hate for you to buy expensive sunglasses and have the girls not like or want to wear them. 

    I think the bottle of wine is very cute. I'd enjoy that. I also like to keep cool wine bottle labels, being the design nerd that I am, so I'd rinse out the bottle after drinking the wine and keep it on display. 
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  • I agree, sunglasses are a personal choice based on face shape and other things.

    I love the wine bottles though. When I was looking for ideas I typed in "bridesmaid gifts" on the ETSY search engine and was shocked at how many things I HADNT thought of.

    I choose a tote, a small piece of jewelry or hair pin and a monogrammed pashmina since my reception is at night in October.

  • I really struggled with this.

    I paid for all of my BM's dresses.. and also am paying for them to have hair & makeup done for the wedding. It'll work out to be about $350 per girl.. which I am HAPPY to spend!

    However, because I am spending so much already, I struggle with how much to budget for gifts. We are on a $15,000 budget, so things are defnitely a bit tight. I'd LOVE to get them each a Coach Wallet/Clutch but it's just not doable.

    Instead, I settled on getting them each a pair of beautiful, artisan earrings that they could wear on the wedding day (if they want! they definitely don't have to!) and some nice lipgloss. Total cost for the gifts will be about $50 each.

    Ultimately ,I think you should get what you can afford.. and what you think suits each girl. Something that they can "use again", but also something that they wouldn't necessarily splurge to buy themselves is always a good idea.

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback!!!! I was completely lost but feel like I have SOME direction now :o)
  • i always tell people, personalized bridesmaids gifts are the way to go. you cant go wrong with something cute with their name on it! :) 
    Ugh. No. Please skip all monograms, they are NOT universally liked by all women, or even most.
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