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Anyone used BlueBoots photography?

Has anyone used BlueBoots photography?  If so, what'd you think?!  We're looking at this place for photos though open to other suggestions under $1000 for coverage from getting ready through major reception events.

Thanks ladies!

Re: Anyone used BlueBoots photography?

  • We were going to use Blue Boots photography, but after email communicating back and forth for awhile we told her we were sending the contract and the check in the mail that day. Her response was great the day is set for you. A week later I followed up- heard nothing back, I continued to follow up and after a month she emailed me back and said she was unable to do our wedding, and she would get the check back to us as soon as possible. We never found out why or what happened but eventually we did get our deposit back. We are using Lasting Moments photography now, a little more expensive but free engagement shots also.
  • Hmm. Good to know, thank you!  We are really trying to stick to under $1000, ideally for the whole day from getting ready to main events of reception (our ceremony and reception will be at the same place).  Engagements aren't a huge necessity for us.
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