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Hi There,

So I am recently engaged(about 2 months now) we haven't set a date either sept 2014 or may 2015. I need to lose about 80-100 pounds before I feel confident to look at dresses and take the plunge.  I know my Fiance loves me more than anything and sees past me being over weight, but i don't feel confident enough to wear a dress.  does anyone have any tips to kick this fitness and healthy food into gear?

Thanks in advance!

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  • I would just like to throw this out there that you might get really frustrated looking at it as "I NEED to lose 100lbs before I can shop for my wedding dress!"...the reality is weight loss is a SLOW process and if you're actually establishing healthy habits you may not lose all the weight you WANT to by the the time you need to shop for a dress.

    I've been losing weight slowly for over a year, and I've only lost 52 out of the 90lbs I want to lose. Be prepared for it to come off quick in the beginning and then slow down...just don't let it discourage you. Have realistic expectations. Goodluck!
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