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Yesterday we were married.

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No honeymoon right now.. But maybe in the winter.. Hubby started a new job, they go on over time tomorrow 13-14 hour days. Sucks because I am off till the 30th. So I am going to work on potty training lol. It was nice. Ceremony clearly was not rehearsed to all people as it crashed and burned but it was perfect. 3.5 maybe 4 minutes long. We told him short sweet and quick to the point. He did it. It had a ton of laughs I laughed through most of it because I just couldn't believe my brother cut the music to long and then my aunt played the here comes the bride off the computer hit play again as the ceremony started and then the minister screwed up what he was saying and said it twice then the rest panned out just fine til the end when my aunt shut the computer during the ceremony so I was out of the church before the exit music came on. My 1 year old daughter (that is pretty shy) crawled up on the stage and kept saying HI to everyone because the groomsmen were waving hi. And some how I think it ended up being perfect and I am lucky enough to have this all on video.

This was the first time I had ever seen tears in my new husbands eyes.


Reception was good. It was super nice so everyone wanted to be outside me included but my dads (dad and step dad) did an amazing job on my ceiling. My mom did an awesome job setting up the tables. I ended up with a Kings table. We sat with out bridal party, our three kids, our parents and siblings in the middle of the room. I loved that. My (step) mom did all the table cloths and my brothers helped me with centerpieces my sisters ( both bridesmaids) helped take care of my kids. Two groomsmen helped my dads. & my other bridesmaid sat an her butt and left early from setting up. I played director told everyone what to do. It was all fine till I had 3-4 different people yelling my name at once. Then I was a little overwhelmed.


It all in all turned out to be perfect. Family and good friends make for a great time though. My cousin was my photographer so I cannot wait to see what she does. She got everything and was with me from 1pm - 930pm. She got a ton of pictures for me and she was all nerves she wouldn't get anything right. We did miss a few important pictures but it will be okay.


((My sister took this picture in the bathroom its not very good but its what I have for my whole dress pictures until I get my pictures))

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