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Monday accountability

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Good morning everyone!

Well, the scale is still up (though measurements don't seem to be) and my plan to protein load didn't work because I somehow completely forgot that my gastro issues won't allow me to do so.  Whoops :)

Food will be good today, still way too starch/carb high per usual, and I just finished day five of level three.  If I get motivated today, I may either head to boxing or do some plyo.

Have a great day everyone!

Re: Monday accountability

  • Good morning!

    I am not sure what my food plan for the day is.  I left home without breakfast and didn't pack a lunch because there is no food in my apartment.  Fortunately I found a packet of oatmeal in my desk, so that has become my impromptu breakfast.

    Tonight I have to go for my long run (12 miles).  I was supposed to go yesterday but I was so busy in the morning that I didn't have time to track down breakfast or lunch.  Then by the time we finished our e-pics, it was 7 and I still hadn't eaten all day.  So I knew there was no way I would be able to run.  I was so exhausted that I went to bed at 9 last night. 
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  • Morning ladies.  @lovelyheather - e-pics, fun! Hope you AW them when they are ready :)

    Yesterday was good.  I cleaned like a woman possessed, which counts.  :) Then I did a workout DVD.  Bob Harper.  It ws pretty good.  Those things always leave me much more sore than my normal gym workouts!

    Hope everyone has an awesome day.


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    Have a good long run Heather!

    My weekend was a hot mess. No real workouts except for a 4 mile run at the gym Friday morning. I spent most of the day Saturday in my car driving around but accomplishing nothing (read: wedding errands not getting done) which caused me to have a major tantrum in my parents front yard. Sunday we cleaned out our basement, but FI temporarily blocked off the cellar doors, so we had to carry everything up the basement stairs and down the deck stairs. Lots and lots of stairs followed by three trips to the goodwill to drop stuff off and lots of heavy cleaning both in the basement and the rest of the house. So that was my "workout". Food was all around bad.

    This morning I ran a 5k and did some body weight strength training. I just cannot get my 5k under 26 minutes and it's driving me nuts. I missed it by 2 seconds. Two effing seconds. I was hauling at 6:30 minute mile at the end. WTFuckingfuck, c'mon. 

    Back on the food wagon today. I need to be good all week. My bachelorette part is this weekend and I see lots of shots, wine, and pizza in my upcoming weekend plans. 
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  • Okay, so yesterday I was back on the wagon. I spent my whole day being active - it was awesome. I started with an elliptical workout. From there, the days highlights included: hanging out two loads of clothes on the line, raking the yard (I hesitate to use the word lawn) and picked up two bags of deadfall, went for a bicycle ride, organized the spare room and got groceries. 

    I also made my flowers!

    Food was decent too.

    If I could only figure out why a walk/run I took two weeks ago is still making my hip scream, I'd be golden - constant hip pain does not make me want to be a runner.

    Oatmeal is a great backup plan, heather!

    Sorry your gastro issues are messing with your protein, lobsters. I totally get where you're coming from. I hope you can get it sorted out.

    Have a great day, and happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canuks!
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  • Morning ladies!  This weekend I did a lot of walking, not workout type walking but just walking in general and I'm so proud and happy that my ankle held up for the most part.  The weather did help much (its been raining all weekend on and off in NJ) so my healing ankle has been a little achy and slightly sore.  My food was great.  I stayed within calories for each day this weekend (even though I did cheat and eat Chiptole this weekend, first time since the cast went on so I couldn't pass it up) and I hope and I can keep up with my great food choices this week.

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  • @50ShadesofMe I had Chipotle for dinner for dinner last night too.  Yum! Depending on what you order, Chipotle really isn't that bad for you. 
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    Good morning everyone!

    My weekend had ups and downs. It's so hard to stay on track on the weekend! Friday I made it to the gym and got 15 minutes on the stairmaster and 30 minutes on the elliptical. I pushed hard and it felt good. Food was under (but I needed it to be!).

    Saturday I begrudgingly forced myself to get out of bed and go to body pump. Oh boy did my arms feel like jelly after two weeks off! I was pooped, but I still made myself do 25 minutes on the elliptical after. I thought that would be it for activity, but we ended up hanging out with friends in the afternoon - went out for ice cream and went on a 3 mile walk with our friends while eating the ice cream. Unfortunately the ice cream triggered my sweet tooth and I ended up eating WAY too many sweets. Ended up over calories for the day because of it.

    Yesterday was a pretty epic fail for me. Food was pretty good UNTIL I went to a friend's cupcake themed birthday party (there was NO FOOD except for cupcakes and other sugar bombs). I had way too many cupcakes and they weren't even satisfying, I was just hungry. I should have planned better. The only activity I got yesterday was some disk golf at the park. DH and I wanted to ride our bikes to the park, but we were foiled by a bike pump. We could not for the life of us hook this bike pump up to the tires. It's a new pump so I think we're going to have to return it - there was no way I was trying to ride the bikes with flat tires up to the park though.

    I hope everyone else had a more successful weekend! Back on the horse today for me!
  • Happy Monday everyone!

    I didn't track my calories very well this weekend but I'm fairly certain I was over after my bachelorette party on Saturday. I had so much fun though so it was worth it. My plan this week is to get to yoga at least once. I know it will help me be less stressed out about the wedding and I will thank myself for finding the time.

    Is it just me, or is my "days to go" ticker gone? Anyways, only 5 DAYS! Woot!
  • in random news, I just got rid of my facebook.  I feel FREE.


    in other random news, does anyone ever just want to drop their friends sometimes?  girls (you awesome ladies aside) are just too much drama and too oversensitive.


    end of super random post. :)

  • Good Morning, Guys! I've been kinda MIA lately, but I'm back...

    I had my 10K on Saturday, which 4.5 of the 6.25 miles was completely uphill. I think we gained almost 2,000 feet in elevation, which is crazy! I finished in 1 hour and 9 minutes, and placed 5th in my age division (20-29) so I felt good! :) Then FI ran his half marathon yesterday, and finished in 2 hrs, 5 mins. So without having to say it, we're exhausted! Did a light workout this morning to try to ease soreness. Food was kind of blah all weekend, but the scale is down, so I'm reall ynot concerned! Hope everyone has a good Monday!

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  • Happy Monday everyone! @Lobsters25 - I feel ya. Girls have way too much drama going on sometimes! I have a few friends who, while fun, bring far too much drama into my life. We mainly hang out in group settings now. 

    Yesterday was good - I under up under calories and took a long, fast walk on the treadmill. Not sure what I'm going to do today. I have a ballroom dancing basics DVD I think I'll break open. I'm really bad at letting FI lead so tonight I'll try some steps by myself then work on them with FI later. I'll probably end up taking another long walk too.
  • Yes Lobsters! Sometimes I get really cranky about the drama, especially with my sisters. But then I remember that I'm not perfect and I too cause unnecessary drama sometimes. I caught myself doing that last week. Told MOH about a BM comment that just upset MOH and really didn't need to be shared. After I smoothed it over, I thought: "What the H is wrong with me? How did I not see that coming?"

    Can't I just take out the gossip part of my brain? It only gets me into trouble..

    Good to see you again, Libby! Sorry for your venue drama, Jenny.. :( and I'm excited for the e-pics that you will hopefully share, Lovely!

  • Good morning ladies! I am venting here. I'm mad at myself! I went crazy this weekend with FI. We went to a buffet, had sonic, gosh it's terrible and endless. Starting today I can not cheat again! My dress comes in a month, and I need to drop the 15!!! I am so mad at myself for going crazy this weekend, but I know I can pick up the slack. Hope everyone is doing better than me :/
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  • Morning, everyone!

    This weekend was also a pretty big disaster for me - usually I had two 'good' meals and then the third meal of the day ended up terrible. I got no exercise in on Saturday, but did spend about 5 hours walking around stores registering, sooo... I'm counting that as my exercise of the day! Yesterday was supposed to be good, until I went to a friend's shower, where I was attempting to eat healthy. The shower hosts seemed to take it personally that I didn't want a cupcake. So then I caved and ate the cupcake and felt like crap the whole afternoon - I'm pretty sure it was loaded with sugar, I ended up feeling physically dizzy after eating it.

    On a side note rant, why is it that some people just can't accept that you don't want junk food sometimes? Does anyone have pointers to getting rid of those people? You know, the ones who go "what, are you dieting or something? You don't have to diet, you're too skinny already! FI won't want to marry you if you get too skinny, you know." Ugh.

  • I'm here, a little late but I'm here!

    Yesterday I already gave the recap about the race so I won't waste space with that.  I actually briefly entertained the idea of going to kettlebell class after work, but loved ones have nearly thrown themselves in my path in order to prevent that.  Something about "having a day to recover."  They're probably right... so I'm going to take the day off.  FI and I will go for a walk after dinner if he's up to it, but that'll probably be it.  He's doing much better, now it's mostly wounded pride as the main symptom, which I'm much worse at tending to...

    So my main challenge is just replenishing (I can't stop drinking water!!  but it was 80 on the course yesterday, so that makes sense) and recovering, without slipping into "eat everything" mode!
  • I finally have gotten back to working out last week. Today I had an impromptu leg work out. Food, is as always, whatever I like eating. I need to work on food, but I am so damn unmotivated to do so.
  • Sorry I'm so late to the party!

    Today is Victoria Day here in Canada, which usually means a long weekend for most.. but not for me - at all! I worked all weekend, including today. Our store has inventory on wednesday so we were prepping all today and yesterday. I'm a bit exhausted, since I usually work evenings but they had me on mornings the last couple of days. And I wasn't anywhere near a wifi signal to post on my lunch like I usually do since everywhere was closed lol.

    Yesterday was good. Walked to work, did worky things which includes some lifting and a lot of walking around, then hit up the gym with fi and our gym couple! I only did 5 minutes on the stair master, as I was already exhausted from working... but then I also did 25 minutes on the elliptical doing intervals. I pushed myself again. I usually try to burn a minimum of 10 calories per minute, but I was averaging about 12 on my low intensity intervals and 15-16 on my high intensity intervals.
    I also did some assisted chin ups and tricep extensions. I was proud of myself with the assisted chin ups, because when I first started, I could only lift about 35 pounds of my own weight - now I'm lifting 90 pounds of my own weight! I'll eventually work up to when I no longer do an assisted chin up but a regular one, but I'm making progress!

    My friend and I also did our plank challenge. We agreed that every time we go to the gym, we do a plank at the end of our work out and try to hold it as long as possible. When I had a personal trainer last summer, she told me that normally planks should be held for 90 seconds... I could only hold it for 10 at that time (I had little to no upper body strength), but I'm at 40 seconds now.

    Food was on track the last couple of days. I'm tempted to make cookies tonight though, since I had over a 1000 calories left over last night and was feeling a bit hungry when I went to bed, but there wasn't anything I could've snacked on. 
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