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Any new checks?

Hey ladies. Well, as it's already been mentioned most of us are more active on the FB group. But for any lurkers on the boards, or people not in the FB group, do you have any big checks you got out of the way this weekend? 

I've been working on little stuff like getting our centerpieces together and figuring out what to do for favors. I'm also trying to get all of my accessories ordered by this week!
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Re: Any new checks?

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    My goals for this week are to order our guestbook, wedding dress hanger, and possible a bridal headband.  Last night, FI might have changed our honeymoon destination so we'll be checking that out too.  
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  • Sounds like you're working on getting the details done too! 
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  • I booked my first fitting, my hair trial, and ordered the tickets we needed for our honeymoon.  Plus I've been working on bridesmaid gifts and other stuff that I have to buy.
  • Hi ladies, 

    This is my first posting on this board (I've mainly stuck to the NOLA board) but I really wanted to share our excitement!!! Our wedding is on September 20th in New Orleans which as I am sure you are all are thinking and feeling it is coming up fast!  We are paying for everything ourselves and have really budgeted the heck out of our lives. We just paid off our last major vendor and all that is left is the final payment to our reception and ceremony venue (80% paid to them already). Plus all of our details (hangers, guestbook, Polaroid for guestbook pictures, attendants gifts, jewelry, ring pillow, card box and so forth are done). Thank heavens for TheKnot, Pinterest, Etsy and of course my amazingly involved fiance!! 

    So excited!!!!! :) 
  • @steveandmichelle2012 Welcome to the board! Sounds like you've got a lot of stuff out of the way! 
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  • Thank you @janellegt13! I'm very happy to be here and I love the Facebook board as well! 

    I've been trying to knock out every little possible thing I can early mainly because I want to stay on our budget and have our wedding day be as stress free as possible. Still a few details to wrap up but those are tied into all the RSVP's. I'm really itching to order our favors! lol
  • now in double digits!

    had my first fitting last night. not that excited that I lost TOO much weight and now need to go back end of July to see where I am at before alterations. Do I stay with my same routine or try to pack on a few lbs?
  • I don't think I've posted on this board before, but I purchased a buttload of little round votive holders that just came I'm yesterday. I think I'm going to dip them in paint...
  • @zobird Welcome to the board! I keep buying stuff for some DIY projects but have yet to actually start doing them lol
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