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Father/Daughter dance to Johnny Cash

Hello! My dad and I are not the sappy types. He's also kind of crazy and doesn't like music unless it's Johnny Cash, Hank Williams (and jr.), or Celtic. So since I have many memories of listening to Johnny Cash on a cassette tape in dad's truck and it's his favorite, I decided it only seemed right to do our father/daughter dance to a Johnny Cash song. I did some research and it seems like his rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" is a popular father/daughter dance song, but that's even a little too cheesy for me.

I'm heavily considering "I Walk the Line". Lyrically, it seems to work for us. I asked my dad what he wanted, but he just wanted me to choose. So I think this might be it, but...how would we dance to it? I have never seen dad do anything but polka and I'm not a big dancer myself, and since the song is so upbeat I don't really know what we should do for it. Anyone else dance with their dad to a more upbeat song? What did you do?

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Re: Father/Daughter dance to Johnny Cash

  • We had planned to do Cash's "You are my Sunshine," which would have been a pretty easy song to dance to, but H forgot to tell the DJ, and he didn't have it on hand. We ended up with Relient K's version of "You're the Inspiration." Awesomely Cheesy.

    I've done ballroom dance, but am horrible at picking out beats. Maybe a swing would work?
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  • hordolhordol member
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    There is no rule that the dance must be a "daddy's weedle girl" song.

    Of course you can dance to "Walk the Line."  Dance country-western style and enjoy it. 

    The point of the dance is to share an intimate, special moment with dad.  It's not about how you dance or the music you pick.
    Thanks--I know that I CAN dance to the song, I never thought there was anything stopping me. I just really don't know HOW to dance to it, lol. I don't know what country western dancing looks like. I'm not into country AT ALL--dad loves old country, but he wouldn't know how to dance to it either. Looks like we will just have to practice!

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  • Ditto retread, do the two-step. It's super easy to learn and perfect for this song.
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  • I love Johnny Cash. Go for it!
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    You'll never be subject to a cash bar, gap, potluck wedding, or b-list if you marry a Muppet Overlord.

  • hordolhordol member
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    Thanks! I will go look that up!

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