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Hey ladies,

I know I come and go from this first semester of grad school is over (woo!) and now I am spending the summer in Honduras (where I lived for 4 years and where FI is from) our wedding is August 10th!!

So I have basically been in maintenance mode the past few months...hovering around 162-165 (total weight loss is around 65lbs.) I would ideally like to be 150, but I know how hard those lasts 15lbs. I am trying to be realistic about it. I have my dress and it fits perfectly as of now...and while I could get it taken in here...and that would be great, I have to at least stay at this size/weight until the wedding.

I have a few issues:
1) My life is so completely different here than in Atlanta (where I was living for school) I walked everywhere, went out salsa dancing once a week, had access to way more healthy and diverse foods, etc. Plus, FI and I living together again makes it difficult (he is super supportive of me being healthy but he also wants to eat bad sometimes which is hard for me to resist)
2) There is a gym here and I could join (we are also on a tight budget, (kwit, I feel you so much!!) but I am debating whether or not it is worth it...I have access to tons of videos online and part of me feels like I could get enough exercise doing videos every day (I am a runner...but have been having hip issues for a few months so staying away from running for the summer may be a good idea.)

I know that this whole thing is 80% diet so I feel like even if my workouts are the same as in the States, if I track my diet pretty well, I can definitely maintain if not loose a little bit. FI and I keep talking about doing some hiking too...Honduras isn't exactly the safest country, so suggesting that we go out for a walk is a little difficult...being mugged sucks :(

Anyway...sorry for the rambling. I guess just some advice or suggestions would be great. Thanks!!!

Re: Gym Membership?

  • If you have access to video workouts, give them a try for a week or two and see if you need more or are satisfied with them. I had a gym membership for a year and it was great for awhile, but I just stopped going. I love my at-home DVDs, though after a little while I get really bored and need to change it up. 

    Would it be safer to hike in a big group? Maybe get a bunch of friends together to go out hiking or running or something? 
  • I agree with winelover - if you're on a tight budget you should see if you can make the videos at home work.
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    I agree with trying the videos first. If you feel like that's working out for you then that's a great compromise. How much is the gym and what do you get for your money would be a big question I would ask too. If it includes classes and has great hours, it may be more worth the money then if it's just a fitness center. I personally know I halfass at home workouts and cannot live without my gym membership, but that's just me. 
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