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ceremony music - organist or play tape?

The church we are getting married at has fantasic organ, and I think it would be nice to have more live music and take advantage of this organ being in our church (organist is available to play).  Other option is to play taped music - the plus here being that you could get a wider range of music sounds - harp, flute etc. 

Just wondering what everyone prefers and why!  We are having a hard time deciding which way to go

Re: ceremony music - organist or play tape?

  • jcg98jcg98 member
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    Live music all the way.
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  • Have you listened to both the organ and music coming from a tape player in your venue? I'm a fan of live music too, assuming you actually like the organ and pick some good pieces. But if you are drawn to a particular song/s, by all means go with the tape player. I think it comes down to what is more meaningful to you during the ceremony. 

    Here's a good list of organ music choices:

  • Live music is definitely better, but recorded isn't horrible.

    Does your ceremony venue/officiant allow recorded music?  Mine doesn't, so that's something to consider.

  • megra03megra03 member
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    Thanks for the link!  This will be helpful if we go with live music.  We are visiting the church in a few weeks, so I think I will ask them to try it out, so we can get a feel for both in the church.
  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    The organ at our venue is BEAUTIFUL, so we're going with live music!

    And I think that we'll be entering to the rondeau from Purcell's Abdelazar and exiting to La rejouissance by Handel, but I'm still looking for other options for the recessional.

  • Nope! I'm playing my iPhone! :) way better!
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