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Do I need to add to the registry?

My wedding is this Saturday, and I've tried to keep an eye on the registry to make sure there is plenty left in different price ranges. I checked on Thursday and there was still a ton. A friend came over last night and mentioned they looked and there was nothing left! So I checked again last night and the majority had been purchased. There were still around 20 items, in a few different price ranges. I just wanted to check and see if I should still add things this close to the day?

Re: Do I need to add to the registry?

  • Personally, I feel like at this point, I wouldn't worry too much about it.  If you're really worried, then you could add a few more things to give your guests options if they want to purchase you something else off the registry.

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  • agree with PP.  If people do not see something they want to buy they will most likely give a gift card or cash at this point.  Unless there is something you absolutely would want, I'd leave it be.

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